Points of You® are tools created to be used with individuals or groups.

The tools stimulate the innate creativity inside everyone, which leads to moments of inspiration.

Now they are available in Australia, after they have been translated into 19 languages and widely used in over 100 countries.

  • One-to-one Session

    Use the tools as part of a coaching process or therapy session

  • Organisational Development

    Incorporate the tools into corporate learning and development programmes such as team building or strategy meetings

  • Professional Development

    Integrate the tools for communication skills or leadership training programmes.

Let’s start your exploration

From 'Explorer' to 'Master Trainer'. Experience our games through the different training levels available.

  • Zooming-In Events

    If it’s your first encounter with Points of You, we encourage you to attend our “Zooming-in” sessions held regularly across Australia

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  • Explorer Training Program

    Understand Points of You’s philosophy and values through a one day workshop. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to use ‘The Coaching Game’ and ‘Punctum’.

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  • Creative Practice Certification Program

    This 2 days workshop will equip participants with advanced knowledge and skills to use the tools as part of their own training or consulting business.

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  • Expert Certification Program

    A 5 day training programme conducted by Points of You® Headquarters. Completion of this training qualifies participants to conduct ‘Explorer’ and ‘Creative Practice’ programmes

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    "I've become able to ask myself what are hidden behind in my mind, so I can go ahead."

    Points of You® is a set of cards to know yourself. I was shy, and pretty difficult to face myself, but the Coaching Game made me to be introspective and willing to deal with my own past. While playing the game with fun, I am confronted by another me. It's somehow strange, but comfortable.
    When you get lost, try to draw a card first. It's my way!


    "When I began playing the game, I've reached for the world."

    The English version of the Coaching Game first introduced to Japan four years ago. I started playing the game at the invitation of my friend, and I was excited when I first saw the cards. This time, I became a trainer and have to promote the game from the trainer's perspective, my world has changed enormously. Just communicating through the cards you become aware of the person in front of you. Everyone becomes happy and smiles back at you. I was also aware of that my coaching skills have been further evolved. I'm surprised!

    Coach, Psychiatric social worker




International companies such as Google and Intel has adopted the Points of You® tools to maximize the project management skills, organization development and self-development.