What and who is Points of You®?

Points of You® sounds like points of VIEW and that is the intention behind the name. It is meant to bring YOU more possibilities and perspectives, more points of view. 

We are your Country Leaders in Australia

Points of You Country Leaders

Points of You® are resources created to be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from trainings, to therapy, coaching and education. These tools are now found across different regions such as South America, Europe and gradually gaining traction in Asia.

We believe the time is right for Points of You to be introduced into Australia. With an expected growth in the field of professional helping such as healthcare, social assistance, education, training (Labour market information portal, 2018), practitioners and professionals more than ever, are searching for tools which will greatly enhance their work with clients.

As people developers, our passion has always been to be agents of change in relationships, learning environments, corporate settings, personal or professional development. Having encountered Points of You® , we know that these tools will impact and change the way we engage in professional (& personal) conversations and perspectives, just like the 1,000,000 people around the world.
The simple yet thought-provoking process that users and clients will encounter through any of the Points of You® tools and games will surprise and amaze you like never before. Your encounter with Points of You® will be Unexpected but Precise! 

Our hope and goal in bringing Points of You® to Australia is twofold. The first is to impact and uplift the work of helping professionals, and the second is to provide business opportunities for practitioners to be a reseller of the tools across Australia.

Come join us as we begin the journey of building our Australian Points of You® community. You can start your journey by first experiencing the games through our introductory ‘Zooming In’ workshops which will be organised both in the online spaces and at selected cities across Australia.

Subsequent 1 and 2 day practitioner trainings will also be organised for those who are ready to embark on the journey of becoming a Points of You® practitioner and a member of our Australian community …and oh yes, we are also looking for businesses or companies to journey alongside us as State representatives too. Let us know if you would like to consider this opportunity as well.

We are confident that everyone who has used the tools (even if it was just used for a simple ice-breaker) have been greatly impacted by the processes of Points of You®.

Come, it's now time to begin your journey with Points of You®!

But the full story begins here...

Yaron Golan and

Efrat Shani

Points of You® Founders

What have we achieved since 2006...


games sold


certified trainers





1, 000,000


participants in Points of You® workshops

participants experienced 

the games globally

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