About Points of You

We create tools for Inspiration,
Learning and Development

Points of You® is a leading company in training and development of human resources. It was founded in 2006 by Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani.

Points of You® has developed tools to aid in opening new perspectives. With tools that can be used by individuals, professionals and organizations, programmes can be delivered in a fun way, with powerful methodology,
and provide unprecedented surprising results.


Points of view: That’s the whole story. What makes the magic happen? How does it work?

We explore points of view - that’s what we do here at Points.

We believe that every thing: people, objects, situations, music, tastes… every little thing in life has countless points of view.

The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of our sight.

We believe that change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspectives, new points of view. Being aware and fully present is the first step toward shifting our point of view, and in effect – toward personal, professional and even organizational development.

A cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain, the intuitive and emotional half of the brain, and the left brain, focused on logic and analysis. This occurs when we look at a photograph and a word at the same time.

The photograph stimulates our right, creative, brain while the word activates the left, analytical, brain.

The simultaneous stimulation of the two brain hemispheres creates a struggle between the emotional and the rational, momentarily “shorting out” the vigilant defense mechanisms of our mind. This “deliberate confusion” gives the mind a short respite from our preconceived ideas on how things “should” or “ought” to be, and allows our mind to open up to new places inside ourselves, shifting our point of view.

Our games are based on associative links between photograph, theme and the issue we have chosen.

Each photograph depicted on the Points of You® cards was selected out of thousands of available photographs to achieve this one purpose:
introducing a theme through visual stimulus that has no direct or obvious connection to it, thus stimulating our entire rational and emotional system.
Doing that, we purposefully leave a space wide enough for personal interpretation, a personal interspace.

This unique inner motion creates a new response, resulting in emotions and insights that are new to our mind and heart. The method is designed like a sine wave. At its starting point we are wide open and exposed to many points of view regarding our theme of choice: relationships, parenting, career, health or any other issue. After expanding our points of view, it’s time to focus. The focusing process involves being precise and selecting the most significant insight for our specific issue.
In the last stage we take our insights into the practical world – tachles, and outline actions to achieve our goal.

All our tools and training are based on this 4 stages of our method:


    A mindful break.

    Pausing allows us to shift our inner frequency from the always-busy everyday frequency to a quieter one, enabling us to look deeper. It is a necessary step on our journey to break free of our “thought loop” and automatic reactions and actions, especially those preventing us from being where we want to be.


    Countless points of view

    In this stage we search for the unknown, not knowing where it may lead us. We allow a shift from our familiar comfort zone– to a world of new opportunities, insights and WOW moments. At the end of this stage we know this:
    Anything is possible.


    A conscious choice

    Now we focus on our most significant insights. We use guiding questions to clarify and define exactly which of the newly discovered possibilities is right for our journey or for the issue at hand.


    Create a new reality

    It’s time to advance from thought to action. We draft an action plan or To-Do List that outlines the necessary steps and sets the timetable for realizing our insights.


At Points of You®, all our tools are environment friendly and are created to inspire and to open up hearts and minds.
We come from love. We create from love, work from love, live from love.
And our dreams, the reason for everything we do here at Points of You®, is to open hearts worldwide.

We believe in open hearts as the basis for everything else: relationships, dreams, world peace… and the more people open their hearts,
the better we are, all of us. We know that if we do everything, even the smallest thing, with love – we make the world a better place. Right?!
The journey to a heart wide open begins when we are ready to accept all our emotions, from anger to pain to great pleasure and joy.

To experience this emotional diversity, which is life itself, we created these tools (& accompanying workshops) as a way of life that allows us to experience ourselves
exactly the way we are with unconditional love and self- acceptance.

We welcome everybody to experience our tools and workshops and to have you hearts opened ♥.

Greetings from Points of You® Australia!

Points of You® are resources created to be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from trainings, to therapy, coaching and education. These tools are now found across different regions such as South America, Europe and gradually gaining traction in Asia.

We believe the time is right for Points of You to be introduced into Australia. With an expected growth in the field of professional helping such as healthcare, social assistance, education, training (Labour Market information portal, 2018), practitioners and professionals more than ever, are searching for tools which will greatly enhance their work with clients.

As people developers, our passion has always been to be agents of change in relationships, learning environments, corporate settings, personal or professional development. Having encountered Points of You® , we know that these tools will impact and change the way we engage in professional (& personal) conversations and perspectives, just like the 1,000,000 people around the world.
The simple yet thought-provoking process that users and clients will encounter through any of the Points of You® tools and games will surprise and amaze you like never before. Your encounter with Points of You® will be Unexpected but Precise! 

Our hope and goal in bringing Points of You® to Australia is twofold. The first is to impact and uplift the work of helping professionals, and the second is to provide business opportunities for practitioners to be a reseller of the tools across Australia.

Come join us as we begin the journey of building our Great Australian Points of You® Tribe. You can start your journey by first experiencing the games through our introductory ‘Zooming In’ workshops to be organised in the major cities across Australia.

Subsequent 1 and 2 day practitioner trainings will also be organised for those who are ready to embark on the journey of becoming a Points of You® practitioner and a member of our Australian tribe…and oh yes, we are also looking for businesses
companies to be our State representatives too. Let us know if you would like to consider this opportunity as well.

We are confident that everyone who has used the tools (even if it was just used for a simple ice-breaker) have been greatly impacted by the processes of Points of You®.

Come, begin your journey with our great Australian Points of You® tribe!

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