Corporate Workshop

Corporate workshops with Points of You®

Several international companies such as Google, Intel, Cirque du Soleil and Teva have used Points of You® tools for their internal training such as team building, communication and leadership workshops.

Applications in the Corporate Setting

  • Leadership Skills Training Identify the gaps in leaders' skills and brainstorm strategies for future development.
  • Problem Solving Workshops Identifying the real issue behind an under-performing team and creating the space for team members to voice their concerns.
  • Customer Service Training Using the games to creatively identify the current state of services and set goals for improvement.

What others have said about us

  • Doreen Petty

    Business Coaching, USA.

    The Coaching Game has been a great tool for helping people break through barriers related to decision making, critical thinking, tolerations, goal setting, planning, and any other cognitive or affective issues

  • Sylvie Geneau

    Cirque du Soleil

    Instead of letting each manager go through presentation of their list of achievements, we were able to incorporate the thought provoking photos in Points of You™ tools to inspire people to tell their authentic stories as a means of updating everyone. The result was a memorable and lively period where attention was sustained and interests was uplifted.


  • The tools bypass our usual reliance on language and taps on our intuition instead. The outcome was unexpected awareness of areas in my life which I had never considered before. It's really interesting!
    Jon (NSW)
  • I think the Coaching Game is one of the best tools I've ever used! I was able to decisively tap into my right brain to draw out the subjective parts of myself such as my values, passions and hopes.
    Mandy (WA)
  • It's amazing! Interesting! Surprising!
    And Right brain was running at full throttle!
    Jennifer (Working in IT industry, Victoria)
  • I really enjoyed the workshops. I was filled with a sense of satisfaction and excitement at its conclusion.
    Sue (IT industry, NSW)
  • I was surprised with the question "Can you see it like this?" It was something I never not consider before.
    Nichola (Natural therapist, SA)
  • The combination of photos and words on the cards were brilliant! Some of the cards resonated so deeply with me.
    Kezia (Homemaker, NT))
  • When I spread out the cards, it really does feel like the world is spreading there. When I look at the pictures one by one, somehow I have a feeling that those pictures reflect myself.
    Lisa (Marketing consultant, ACT)
  • Through this experience, I felt that the "answers" for everything, including potential things, were all found in myself. Even though I still don't know what to do, I now know where I could start with my life.
    Zita (Undergraduate, Victoria)
  • The images from activated long lost memories for me...which led to an unexpected answer for something I've been dealing with for a long time.
    Peter (Professional Life Coach, Tas)
  • I think Points of You® is a tool that helps you understand "what kind of person you are". Somehow, I feel that with that awareness, I am able to respond to people with greater understanding.
    Alex (Postgraduate student, NT)
  • The ways of seeing a picture depends on a lot on your imagination and it varies from person to person. I'll keep training my right brain, and enriching my way of looking at things.
    Natalie (Nursing care staff, NSW)
  • Questions were asked from different perspectives which was so interesting! I had never realised that people may view me differently from the way I viewed myself. This was totally unexpected, but precise!
    Rosalie (Office Administrator, SA)


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