About usage scenes

QHow to use Points of You® at work?
AThe world‘s leading corporations use The Coaching Game for business purposes. The name cannot be presented here, but many famous Japanese companies work with our tools in various fields such as personnel (interview, self-discovery), leadership development, team building, mental care as well as at social gatherings and corporate settings.
QI would like to take Points of You® as a part of counseling.
AFor those already certified as trainers have taken the methods and tools of Points of You® as a part of counseling. It is utilized in conjunction with activities such as herbal treatment, aromatherapy and yoga as well as one-on-one peer counseling.

About effects

QWhat kind of advantages or effects can I enjoy by participating in the Coaching Game?
ASpecific results of participating in the Coaching Game vary from individual to individual. Some people undergo dramatic changes in their points of view at a rapid pace in an one-hour session, while others are frustrated even if they do one day training. We encourage you to participate in our workshops once. Detailed information is available on our website.