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Our Points of You® training programmes are guaranteed to engage, inspire and be filled with interaction. Learn new ways to utilize visual stimuli and experiential learning methods into your one-on-one, group sessions or use it as part of your organisation's corporate training. Points of You® trainings have been created in response to numerous requests from professionals, organisations and private individuals who having practiced our tools and felt the need to find out and thoroughly examine additional possibilities of using it. As such, this series of official Points of You® trainings have been created to specifically provide individuals with a standard, logical process to be trained to the highest level of competency with the Method and Process.

  • Hello! Points of You®
    Training Programme
  • Creative Practice
    Training Programme
  • Turning Point
    Training Programme
  • Top View
    Training Programme


  • First, let's search for a Points of You® programme in a State/City nearest to you!

  • Register for the programme
  • Pay the registration fee.

  • Participate in the training and experience Points of You®!
Hello! Points of You®

The first step to being acquainted with Points of You® is to participate in Level 1 Hello! Points of You® trainings. Participants of this training will experience the Magic of our tools & Method that is taught across the world. You will be introduced to 'The Coaching Game' & 'Punctum' and be familiarised with the 'Points of You' story, philosophy and values.
Participants who have completed this training will be certified with the title "Explorer".

This training is ICF Accredited and participants will earn 6 CCEUs.

Price A$759 (includes GST) Hours 6 hours (1 Day) Training

*Please note that the training venues may vary across the different states.

Creative PracticeTraining Programme

Individuals who have completed the Hello! Points of You® training and desire to obtain a deeper appreciation of the Method and Process should proceed to attend Creative Practice Points of You® training. This 2 day workshop will cover 3 tools - 'The Coaching Game', 'Punctum' & 'Faces'. The purpose of Creative Practice is to equip participants with competencies and knowledge to be able to apply the Points of You® Method and Process to creating their own unique workshops. Some examples of such workshops include Communication skills & Leadership mindset.

Additionally, participants who have completed this training also qualify to facilitate Hello! Points of You® training programmes with support from the Country Leader. This opportunity opens new revenue streams for practitioners as they are able to resell Points of You® tools at the global price, while purchasing it from the Country Leader at special rates.

Participants who complete this training will be certified with the title 'Practitioner'.

This training is ICF Accredited and participants will earn 16 CCEUs.

Price A$1999 (inclusive GST) Hours 16 hours (2 Days) Training
Participants desiring to attend Creative Practice must complete Hello! Points of You® training.
  • As a Practitioner, you are able to conduct Hello! Points of You® trainings (in conjunction with the Country Leader) as well as to produce your own unique workshops & coaching services by incorporating Points of You® into your processes.

  • You are able to purchase any of the Points of You® tools at at special prices and resell them at the global price.

  • Add an additional income stream to your own business.

  • Receive support from the Country Leader in terms of marketing and registration of your training programmes.

Turning Point Certification Programme

Turning Point Certification is the flagship Points of You® programme. It is a 5-day interactive, engaging and inspiring workshop offering the opportunity for participants to experience the power of our tools while gaining a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge. As an 'Expert', you can effectively apply your Points of You® skills to individual and group work - and witness the amazing results. Completion of the training will earn you the title of 'Expert'.

At this training, you will receive:
--Trainers Kit--
A selection of Points of You® games
A booklet of all the workshops and materials from the training programme
--Marketing Tool Kit--
All you need to start marketing your workshops
5 online mentoring sessions to make sure you are on the right track

Please note: The official Points of You® Certifications Programs are provided only by our Points of You® HQ – Each 5-day training is exclusively located across the world and the facilitators are hand chosen to produce the training.

Price A$10,560 Hours 40 hours (5 Days) Training
In order to attend Turning Point Certification, participants must have completed Hello! Points of You® & Creative Practice Training.
  • Upon completion of this training, individuals can claim "29 Core Competency CCEUs, 15.75 Resource Development CCEUs & 40 PDCs of SHRM-SCP Credits"

  • Qualified to organise and conduct their own Hello!Points of You® & Creative Practice Training (in collaboration and support from the Country Leader)

  • Similar to Practitioners, Experts are entitled to purchase Points of You® tools at special prices and resell at the global prices.

  • Receive support from the Country Leader in terms of marketing and registration of your training programmes.

Top ViewCertification Programme

Top View programme is a Master level certification programme where handpicked Points of You® Experts are invited to be trained by the Founders of Points of You®, Yoran Golan and Efrat Shani over 7 days. Additionally, these participants are expected to facilitate a specific number of Turning Point certification programmes under supervision over a period of 2 years. Upon completion, participants will be awarded the title "Master Facilitator" and are qualified for selection by HQ to conduct Turning Point programmes on their behalf.

Price Please contact us for details Hours 7 days + Facilitation of Turning Point programme.

*Master Certification Programme will be organised by Points of You® HQ.
*Certain conditions must be met before applications to the programme are accepted by HQ.