Zooming In Previews

Zooming In Previews
It's a kind of magic which works every time. It opens up hearts, connects people together, enables 
authentic communication, reminds each of us who he or she is and it does all that using 'The Coaching 
Game' by Points of You.


"Zooming in" is a deep and inspiring workshop. It's surprising, social and fun. It gives way to a true  pause and reflection    with new points of view in a short period of time. It enables an authentic connection between the participants even if they are complete strangers before the process due to its playfulness.

Who is it for?
This workshop can be connected to every subject. We have tried this process with every potential subject and on various    audiences.    Children, managers, prisoners...    As we mentioned    -    it's a kind of magic.


Throughout the years we have facilitated "Zooming in" in many organizational activities. The workshop can act as a full process or as a part of something else. It is great for team building, leadership development,    conflict    solving,    vision    creating    and    also    for    fun    days    of    coming    together.


"Zooming in" is a great and powerful addition to the toolbox of personal and business coaches and trainers. Therapists, teachers, team leaders and more. It's good for personal and group work and you can easily adjust it for any type of audience, content or work method.


Social gathering
"Zooming in" is an enjoyable social gathering, which sparks up thought. It is a great way to incorporate 
content and playfulness to parties, birthdays, family events, reunions and more... 

Join us for Zooming in previews around Australia!

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